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A standpipe system is an important piece of fire safety equipment to aid in fire protection and prevention efforts.  We are NFPA & BC Fire Code compliant.

Standpipe & Hose Systems - Fire Hose Pressure Testing

A standpipe system is an important piece of fire safety equipment to aid in fire protection and prevention efforts.  We are  – NFPA & BC Fire Code compliant.

A standpipe system is a series of vertical water piping built into multi-story buildings and designed, much like fire hydrants, to provide water supply to building occupants and fire department in case of fire emergency. Older constructions have the standard standpipe, while newer constructions will have a combination standpipe system which also feeds a hose and fire sprinkler system

Types of Standpipe Systems – Wet and Dry

Standpipe systems come in two types, wet or dry. Wet Standpipe systems are connected to the main water supply and maintain a constant water pressure.  Dry standpipe systems do not. Instead Dry standpipes have an outdoor water intake for firefighter to hook up their fire engine and feed water in the system.

Class I and II Standpipe Systems

Wet or Dry, Standpipe systems are classified on the type of accessories it comes with.  A Class I Standpipe, mostly found in staircases, is a stand alone pipe with hose valve and its connections provide firefighters a hook up for their carry-on hose.  A Class II Standpipe, found in hallway cabinets, comes with reeled hoses and hose valve.  Both classes are intended for trained professionals only.

Where any standpipe system and fire hose system has been modified, it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure water flow and pressure remains intact.  This is tested at the highest, and most remote hose connection. Testing at this spot is the most accurate way to verify that the right amount of water supply is readily available.  The amount of water will depend upon what the standpipe and hose system was designed and engineered for.

Standpipe System and Fire Hose Services

Active Fire and Safety Services performs the following services to ensure that your system is working correctly.

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Maintenance
  • Water pressure Testing
  • Verification
  • Design
  • Fire Hose hydro testing

Standpipe and Sprinkler System Parts – Regular Maintenance Is Integral to Every Fire Safety System

Sprinklers, standpipes, hose valves, connectors and such are all vital components of your fire protection system therefore a service and maintenance program is crucial to ensure proper function of every elements of your fire safety system.

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler systems are now common requirements to many type of new construction and as such, a wide array of new technologies and variety of systems are now available. From Wet pipe, Dry pipe, Deluge or Pre-Action, the adequate system will depend on the type of construction, your city by-law and the Building code requirements.

Sprinkler heads come in various sizes and shapes depending on your requirements, and you may choose from two thermo-activated trigger mechanisms, metal link or glass bulb offered by leading manufacturers like Victaulic, Tyco, Reliable, Gem, Star, and Astra.  We are one of the leading fire sprinkler companies of Greater Vancouver and have won the Sales Award of 2011.

Our residential, commercial and industrial fire sprinkler contractors design and perform installation services as well as repair, replace, test and service all fire sprinkler systems to ensure they will protect you in the event of a fire.

Integrated Fire Protection Systems – Fire Suppression

Integrated fire protection systems are essential.  They are your first line of defense when a fire breaks out.  Perhaps the first system triggered by a fire hazard will be your fire suppression system (we install and service both wet and dry). Other systems like a fire extinguishing system can also be used, in addition to a more elaborated system like a sprinkler system.  We will guide you through the variety of options available and the type of fire suppressant (be it dry, wet, chemical, clean agent, halogen, foam, etc) best suited to your application.  We also carry a large array of fire suppression equipment like fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire alarms and more.

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When it comes to a standpipe system, fire protection or suppression system, we offer the best service in town.  Be in a new installation, a life safety upgrade or just plain maintenance and servicing, complete the job on time and on budget.  Your satisfaction is important to us, contact us via the form to the left or call 604-590-0149 for a free quote today!