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Fire Safety Plans Vancouver, Surrey, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley

It is essential to have a comprehensive and up-to-date Fire Safety Plan for your building or complex, to ensure that you are fully compliant with the local fire code and, of course, to ensure that your property and the safety of the building’s occupants are maintained.  Creating and implementing a proper fire safety plan requires a thorough understanding of the building’s elements, structure, layout, and use, so that the fire protection systems and the fire safety plan address the requirements for the building.

At Active Fire and Safety Services, we have been providing professional fire safety planning in BC for over 25 years. We provide complete fire plans to clients in Vancouver and across the lower mainland, which are customized for each property. We specialize in creating fire safety plans for multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial properties, including:

  • Low-rise buildings (commercial or residential)
  • High-rise buildings (commercial or residential)
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Multi-use buildings
  • Health and institutional complexes
  • and many more

Elements of a Fire Safety Plan

Each fire safety plan includes several components, which together ensure that the building and its occupants are as prepared as possible in the event of a fire.  Elements of the plan include:

  • Emergency procedures in the event of fire:
    • Sounding the fire alarm
    • Notifying Local Fire Services
    • Evacuation procedures
    • Use of elevators
    • Confining, controlling and extinguishing the fire
  • Floor plan layouts
  • A list and brief description of all fire safety equipment
  • A diagram showing the locations of the fire safety equipment
  • Human resources outline of all administrative and supervisory personnel and their duties during an emergency
  • Contact number for the fire department
  • Procedure for fire drills
  • Guide for fire prevention and how to remove fire hazards
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Alternative safety procedures, should primary fire safety equipment malfunction

We are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients, as well as fully developed and documented custom fire safety plans.  Every fire plan we prepare is created in accordance with the British Columbia Fire Code and we coordinate with local jurisdictions until plan approval is confirmed.

To streamline the preparation process, we can import your own AutoCAD drawings of the building as the basis for our fire plan drawings and evacuation plans, so that the format is consistent with your own documentation.

Our custom fire safety plans and evacuation drawings can be provided in any format required by your local fire department and can be submitted electronically to the required fire departments.

We also keep a current copy of the fire plan, so that key updates can be made as needed.

Fire Safety Plan Review

Once your fire safety plan has been completed and approved, it is important to note that it must also be reviewed and re-submitted for approval at least once every 12 months, or sooner if changes have been made in the building, in accordance with the BC Fire Code.

We will review your Fire Safety Plan for current compliance and ensure that the following elements are accurate and up-to-date within the plan:

  • Supervisory Staff and their roles and responsibilities
  • Fire Alarm sequence of operations
  • Building conditions and layout
  • Human resources

If, during the review, the plan is found to not be non-compliant with the Fire Code, additional fees will apply to revise the plan or if it requires re-development.

Upon completion of the review, we will provide confirmation affirming that the Plan is an accurate reflection of the current Supervisory Staff roles and responsibilities, Fire Alarm Sequence of Operations, Building conditions and layout, and Human Resources.  This letter should be inserted at the front of the Fire Safety Plan for easy review by the Fire Department during an inspection.

Fire Safety Training

Active Fire can also provide fire safety training to your supervisory employees so that they are aware of the fire safety procedures and how to follow the fire safety plan.

If you’d like to have your employees trained to capably deal with a fire emergency contact us today to arrange fire safety training.

The safety of your building and its occupants are of the utmost importance, as is compliance with the BC Fire Code. Contact us today to schedule a fire safety consultation for your property.