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Jockey Pump Controller Annual Inspections, Replacements and Maintenance



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Fire Pump Inspection, Maintenance, and Replacement

  • Annual fire pump controllers pre-maintenance inspections diesel and electric
  • Fire pump controller trouble-shooting
  • Replacement of bearings, packing, sleeves, impellers, shafts, casing relief valves, swing bolts, packing glands, and air release valves
  • Adjustment of alignment
  • Rotation changes

NFPA 13 & NFPA 25 Requires an Annual Inspection

  • Full Flow Test
  • Flow meter testing

Annual Fire Pump Tests – NFPA-25 (2002) (Excerpt)

4.3.3 Annual Tests* An Annual test of each pump assembly shall be conducted under minimum, rated and peak flows of the fire pump by controlling the quantity of water discharged through approved test devices. This test shall be conducted as described in 5-3.3.1(a), (b), or (c).

Exception*: If available suction supplies do not allow flowing of 150 percent of the rated pump capacity, the fire pump shall be operated at maximum allowable discharge. This reduced capacity shall not constitute a noncompliant test.

Fire Pump Maintenance and Malfunction Records

5-5 Maintenance

The Fire Pump installed in your premise must be maintained in proper working order and records of its maintenance must be kept on-site. Any malfunction of a fire pump must be immediately rectified by a qualified representative.

Contact us for your annual servicing or replacement to ensure compliance with BC Fire Code, BC Building Code & Vancouver Building By Law.