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Fire Alarm System Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and Testing

We are an authorized Mircom Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD)

Apartment, institutional and office fire alarm system installation, maintenance, repair, replacement, testing, inspections and monitoring in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area.

Active Fire & Safety Services Ltd. provides fire alarm system installation, maintenance, inspections and testing to the commercial, industrial and multi-family residential sectors throughout Vancouver, BC , the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

A well-designed, effective fire alarm system is key to saving lives and minimizing fire-related property damage.  At Active Fire, we not only install and maintain to the BC Fire Code, we strive to provide the most up-to-date and suitable components for a modern, comprehensive fire alarm system.

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Fire Alarms and Devices for Early Fire Detection and Safety – Expert Technicians Are Ready to Install Your System

Our Fire Technicians and electricians can design and install a wired smoke, heat and beam fire detection system to ensure the highest standards of life safety are met for your home or building.  Fully compliant with BC Building Code.

There are many components that make up a standard (electronic or battery) fire alarm system.  Perhaps the two most recognizable are smoke and heat detectors. These devices are indispensable  in providing early warning of an imminent fire.

How Ionized and Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Work

Smoke detectors can be ionization-based or photoelectric.  Ionized smoke detectors use a minute amount of radioactive material to create a chemical reaction within a canister in the detector.  When smoke reaches the canister, it interrupts the reaction and triggers the alarm.

Photoelectric or smoke beam detectors work a bit differently.  When smoke crosses the beam, it forces the light to be refracted, activating the smoke detector.  Although both types of smoke detectors are equally efficient, we often recommend one over the other in certain circumstances.

Heat Detectors for Fast Fire Detection

Heat detectors are another type of fire detection device.  Fixed devices are typically activated when the temperature reaches 135?F, although this setting can vary in unique environments where the ambient room temperature is above or below normal settings.  Rate-of-rise heat detectors are triggered by any sustained or increasing rise in temperature.  Combination fixed/rate-of-rise heat detectors are the most popular.

Smoke and heat detectors are components within a complete fire alarm system.  This system can either be highly sophisticated or fairly basic, depending on the size and complexity of a particular building.  The most technologically advanced systems currently on the market are addressable fire alarm systems.

Addressable, Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems With Control Panel – Identify Fire Location

Addressable, intelligent fire alarm systems identify the origin of a possible fire or fire-related incident with complete precision.  In addressable, intelligent fire alarm systems all peripheral devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors and pull stations are connected on a single loop, each with its own unique “address”.  When a peripheral such as a smoke detector activates, a signal from its “address” is sent to the fire control system, pinpointing the origin of the potential fire with 100% accuracy.

Shopping Mall and Highrise Fire Protection System

In large or complex buildings such as shopping malls, highrises or skyscrapers, this precision is key to a quick and targeted emergency response and the minimization of damage and loss of life.  Addressable systems are great for signalling a fire.  They are also fully programmable and their settings can be tailored to meet the needs of different environments.  In smaller and less complex buildings, however, conventional fire alarm systems may be sufficient.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems for Small Buildings

Conventional fire alarm systems are cost-effective and work well in small spaces with few rooms and levels.

Conventional fire alarm systems divide a building into a variety of zones, with all the peripherals. Smoke and heat detectors and pull stations are located within each zone and are serviced by a single circuit. When a device is triggered, a signal is sent to the fire alarm panel indicating a problem in that zone, but not the precise source.  Conventional Fire Alarm Systems have been in use for decades and are adequate for a variety of small to mid-sized buildings.  Whether it’s a conventional fire alarm system or an addressable one, at Active Fire we are expert in installation, maintenance, inspections and testing.

Certified ASTT Technician – Experienced Fire Alarm Technicians Available 24/7

Under the BC Fire Code, it is mandatory for all fire alarm technicians to be certified by Applied Science Technologists & Technicians BC (ASTTBC).

All our technicians are fully certified and are aware of all regulations within the BC Building Code, BC Fire Code, ULC Standards and relevant municipal by-laws as they pertain to fire alarm system installation, maintenance, testing and inspections.

As a fire safety company, and employer, we believe in promoting an atmosphere of excellence and encourage our fire safety employees to expand and upgrade their skill set to meet the demands of ever-evolving fire alarm technologies.

Fire Alarm Installation and Verification

BC Building Code and ULC Standard S-524 and S-537 Compliance

Active Fire provides fire alarm installation services for a range of new buildings as well as retrofits to older buildings and upgrades to older fire alarm systems.

We provide installation solutions for warehouses, industrial spaces, commercial buildings, retail and wholesale outlets, office towers and multi-residential properties.  An installation that may suit a retail outlet will not necessarily be the best choice for a small factory or industrial site.

Current BC Building Code stipulates that all public building alarm system installations must conform to ULC Standard S-524 and must be subsequently verified according to S-537.

Annual Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire alarm inspections and testing of all components, including circuitry, signaling and peripheral devices are important for maintaining life safety.

The BC Fire Code mandates that all public and multi-residential buildings, an annual fire alarm inspection be conducted. Testing is system-wide, from heat and smoke detectors, to LEDs and annunciators, to bells and alarms, to wiring and circuitry.

Some systems need to be tested more than once a year.  Fire alarm systems that contain fire suppression technology, for example commercial kitchens and computer centres, require semi-annual inspections.

Active Fire’s certified fire alarm techs will ensure that all testing is done thoroughly as per the BC Fire Code.

Fire Alarm Signalling and Notification Systems

Several sounds and visual signs to signal a fire such as chirping, bells, horn, strobe, voice and more.

Horns, bells and siren fire alarm systems provide highly audible and recognizable sounds to warn of a potential fire danger. Some also have strobe lights mounted on them to increase their effectiveness for the hearing impaired.

Fire Alarm Pull Stations and Covers for Maximum Safety

Choose Active Fire and Safety Services for your school, shopping mall, condo, community centre, warehouse, or other commercial building for fire protection and prevention.

Pull stations are activated by alert individuals, and provide an instantaneous, system-wide warning.  They are an integral part of any fire alarm system.  Many current models require dual activation in order to minimize false alarm events.

Fire Alarm Pictures, Symbols, Supplies, Equipment and Products

Graphic symbols and fire pictures are immediately recognizable and aid in fire prevention

Universal graphics and symbols are instantly recognizable to virtually everyone.  They are integral parts of any fire alarm system, alerting individuals as to where fire devices are located, how to exit buildings and how to operate emergency equipment.

Check out our fire safety gallery for a full explanation of common fire-related signs and symbols.

Active Fire is a Fire Alarm Distributor for World Class Manufacturers – Edwards, Mircom

Popular and national manufacturers we use include Edwards, Mircom and more.

At Active Fire, we supply and service all makes and models of fire alarm systems and peripherals.  Popular brands include Edwards, Notifier, Mircom, Simplex, Siemens, Firelite, and UTC.

We recommend different manufacturers and systems depending on budget, type of installation and project scope.

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Fire Alarm System Inspections, Testing, Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

At Active Fire we provide professional fire alarm installation, inspection, maintenance and repair services for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

We’re fully compliant with all BC Building Code, BC Fire Code and ULC regulations.  We are proud to be the 2011 winner of Vigilant’s National Fire Alarm Sales Award.

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