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Emergency Lighting and Inverter System Maintenance, Inspection, Testing and Sales

Emergency lighting and exit signs are part of a complete life safety and fire protection system and are mandated in all public buildings in British Columbia.

At Active Fire, we install, maintain, and test all types of emergency lights and exit signs. We ensure that our services conform to BC Building and Fire Codes, as well as NFPA regulations.

There are a variety of different emergency lights and exit signs on the market.   We’ll make sure you choose the right one!

Indoor, Outdoor and Exterior Emergency Lighting

The main function of emergency lights and exit signs is to provide an illuminated pathway along a building’s egress routes so that occupants can exit safely during a power outage. Emergency lights are powered via batteries or a back up generator.

Emergency lights are also positioned near safety infrastructure such as alarm panels, fire extinguishers and pull stations, functioning as task lights to aid both occupants and emergency personnel.

Exit signs are positioned at doorways and stairwells and are always illuminated.

Emergency lights are usually inside, however, exterior pathways, parkades and some public venues also have emergency lighting.  The right light depends on a variety of factors.

Types of Emergency Lighting and Systems

Choose from maintained, non-maintained, portable, recessed, plug in, fixtures, LED and explosion-proof.

Emergency lighting systems can range from heavy-duty, fully gasketed steel models to sleek, unobtrusive ones that blend into their environment.  The appropriate system depends on the type of building, the building’s function and environmental conditions.  The main types of lights are:

  • Regular
  • Wet condition
  • Industrial grade
  • Hazardous

Regular Lighting Systems

Regular emergency lights are usually of a thermoplastic material and are designed for interiors such as common areas of apartment and condo complexes, office buildings and retail outlets.  They are used in places that do not experience extreme weather conditions and aren’t exposed to hazardous materials.

Wet Condition Lighting Systems

Wet condition emergency lights are impervious to rainfall and other inclement weather – essential in the Lower Mainland. They are usually housed in a rust-resistant fibreglass casing.  Some have internal heaters to prevent the batteries from freezing in cold weather. As well as outdoor applications, some interiors such as swimming pools and greenhouses that are susceptible to high humidity may also be suitable for wet condition emergency lights.

Hazardous Emergency Lights & Exit Signs

Hazardous emergency lights are used in industrial settings that contain flammable air-borne debris and vapors. They are designed so the debris and vapors cannot penetrate the casing. They are usually made out of a very rugged material such as steel to withstand significant damage.  Explosion-proof models are also available.

Industrial Grade Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

Industrial grade emergency lights and exit signs are often used in public parkades, warehouses, industrial operations and large public venues. They are made from durable materials such as steel in order to withstand significant damage and vandalism.  Emergency lights can be either maintained or non-maintained.

Maintained and Non-Maintained Systems

Most emergency lights that we install are non-maintained.  Non-maintained simply means that they only function in an emergency situation.  Maintained emergency lights are illuminated at all times – during normal use they are powered by the main electrical supply and during a power failure, they are battery powered.

Exit signs are ‘maintained’ as they are always illuminated.  They are powered by the central power source during normal operations and by battery back up during power failure.

Energy Efficient LEDs and Incandescent Lights

Most emergency lights are incandescent.  Energy efficient LEDs are available for a number of fittings as well.

Lighting Power Supply and Equipment – 12 Volt Batteries and Inverter

Depending on the building, emergency lights in BC are required by Code to run for 60-120 minutes upon central power failure. Emergency lights in small, simple buildings usually have self-contained batteries in each unit.  Batteries are normally 12 volt with a 1-ft candle output.
In larger, more complex buildings inverters are often used to provide central battery power to emergency lights. Some critical institutions such as hospitals may also have back up generators.  We supply a full range of batteries and inverters for all types of buildings and electrical loads.
As with all emergency safety equipment, it’s ability to perform depends on whether it’s fully functional. BC Building Code demands testing to ensure that emergency lights will work when needed.

Design Requirements, Installation and Testing

Emergency lighting and exit signs show you how to evacuate a building safely.
AFS provides full service testing and maintenance of all emergency lights and exit signs. As per NFPA and local authorizing jurisdictions, most buildings are required to perform a once-monthly 30-second test of all emergency lights.  This test can be done internally.  An annual function test, however, must be performed and documented by a certified company.  An annual function test includes:

  • Emergency lights to be illuminated via battery-power for 30 mins – 2 hours
  • Batteries checked for corrosion, damage and shelf-life
  • Fixtures checked to ensure they are not corroded or cracked
  • Wiring to inverters checked to ensure they are functional

For exit signs, a once-monthly visual inspection is warranted as well as an annual inspection.  During an annual inspection, exit signs are switched to battery power for a full 90 minutes.  Batteries and fixtures are checked to ensure they are not damaged.

Trusted Emergency Lighting Manufacturers

At Active Fire & Safety Services, we provide emergency light, exit signs and inverters from a wide variety of trusted manufacturers.  We’ll advise you on the best line of cost-effective products that will meet the needs of your operation.

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