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Backflow Preventer Inspection, Testing, Installation, Repair and Replacement

Active Fire and Safety Services has a team of certified backflow preventer technicians who provide a full range of backflow prevention services from  inspections, tests, installations, repair and replacement.  All work is done to municipal standards and approvals.
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The Canadian Standards Association (CAN/CSA B64.10 4.5.2) refers to similar backflow prevention devices on fire and domestic water services of all classes.  This is based on the highest hazard presented by the building or its use.  This enforces the code in a way to provide enhanced protection to the portable water system regardless of the potential hazard, be it high or low.

Backflow Preventer Techs – BC Building Code and AWWA Compliant

Water safety regulators have established a scale of potential hazards for portable water systems.  Each type of portable water system has its own set of specific equipment that needs to be used.  Fire suppression chemicals, antifreeze fluid and the auxiliary water supply are all elements that our certified technicians will consider to ensure proper public safety and BC Fire Code, BC Building Code, AWWA and CSA compliance.

Portable Water System and Treatment Device Installation and Containment – Health and Safety

BC Building Code 1998 Section Connection of Systems.

Connections to portable water systems are designed and installed so that non-portable water or substances can’t contaminate the system.  Correct placement of the water treatment system is critical.  It must be a safe distance from the auxiliary line so as to keep the public water supply free from contaminants.

We at Active Fire and Safety Services understand these threats and use backflow prevention system methods as set out by BC Building Code to be sure there is safe drinking water for all.  A properly working and maintained backflow prevention system will trap contaminated water and keep it from flowing in the wrong direction.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation and Testing – Public Water Supply Protection

All water purveyors have a responsibility to provide safe consumable water.  Cross-connections in private premises and water purveyor’s sources can cause severe hazards.  Backflow prevention devices are installed to protect the public water supply and therefore backflow preventer testing must be done on a regular basis.

A backflow preventer consists of a set of valves that only allows safe water to flow into the system. There are several types of mechanical backflow prevention devices. The different types are used in different situations and for different levels of hazard.  The main types are high, medium and low hazard.

High Hazard Water Contamination – Double Check Valve Assembly, Reduce Pressure Principal Assembly

These two different systems are used in cross-connection when a health hazard is present in the water supply that can cause sickness or death.

Medium Hazard Water Contamination – Pressure Vacuum Breaker and Dual Check Valve

These two types of devices used in a non-health (non-toxic) hazards where a polluting substance may come in contact with portable water.  This will affect the taste, odor or appearance of the water, but is not hazardous to health.

Low Hazard Water Contamination – Dual Check with Atmospheric Port, Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker and Air Gap

These are three low hazard devices that are commonly used which allow isolation of the water supply system as per regulations.  The water has no hazards and this device is purely in place as per AWWA and regulatory body requirements.

Please visit the American Waterworks site for more details about how a backflow preventer works.

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