November 14, 2019

Why You Need to Have an Up to Date Fire Alarm System

Sometimes simply having something that works isn’t enough and when it comes to your fire alarm system this could not be truer. Just because your building has a functioning smoke detector, for example, does not mean that your building or its occupants are fully protected in the most effective manner possible. While safety should be the number one reason to consider replacing an aging fire alarm system, it is not the only reason you should consider getting an upgrade to your fire alarm system in Coquitlam.


As was previously mentioned, while safety is not the only reason to upgrade an existing or install fire alarm system, it is the best reason to do so. Whether your building is commercial or residential, large or small, employees, customers and occupants all rely on the buildings they work in, frequent, or live in to have a fire alarm system that gives them the best chance of evacuating a building safely should a worst case scenario occur. Utilizing visual signals, lights, buzzers, horns and bells, a fire alarm system will give building occupants ample notice of an emergency and time to evacuate. For larger buildings, addressable fire alarm systems can even pinpoint the exact location of smoke or fire, allowing for a rapid, targeted response by emergency responders.

Protection Against Loss

An up to date fire alarm system doesn’t only protect those who use and live in your building form harm, but it also helps protect your building and your business from suffering potentially disastrous losses. An early warning of fire helps to ensure a rapid dispatch and response by the fire crew,aidingin limiting the amount of damage done to your property. While a fire can be devastating for all those involved, the process of restoring a business or repairing people’s homes can be agonizing and take months, or even years, to complete. A fire alarm system in Coquitlam can help reduce those costs and protect your investment for costly rebuilds and lengthy closures.


While the cost of updating your fire alarm system may have been a deterrent, upgrading your system may actually save you money in the long run. Not only are you potentially saving in huge costs associated with the loss of building use in the case of a fire, but many insurance companies will offer more favourable rates to buildings with up to date fire alarm systems, as their potential for large insurance claims is reduced.

An up to date fire alarm system in Coquitlam is an investment not only in protecting human life but also in protecting your assets and livelihood from potentially catastrophic consequences should the worst case scenario ever occur. The choice is clear.