December 9, 2019

Why Comprehensive Fire Protection is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

When it comes to protecting your family or your investment, comprehensive fire protection is not a luxury item but rather a necessity you owe to yourself and the users of your property. Fire protection services in Vancouver can help you create a plan, install and maintain your fire systems, ensuring the highest level of safety for your commercial or residential property.

Fire Safety Plan

Whether you manage a strata, operate a commercial building, or oversee a construction site, a fire safety plan is a required by provincial and municipal bylaws. These safety plans are not just another way for the government to add to the seemingly endless amount of red tape surrounding the operation of these types of buildings; fire safety plans save lives and help protect your property in case of a fire. Fire protection services in Vancouver can help you to create a detailed visual diagram of your building, adding users in the case of evacuation and helping first responders locate important information such as the location of gas, water, and electrical shut offs. The quicker first responders can secure your building the less likely you are to suffer catastrophic damage.


Fire protection services in Vancouver can also install alarm systems. No matter the type or the size of your project those who specialize in fire protection services can advise on and install the right fire alarm system for your building. Industry professionals can advise you on the right types of alarm system, lighting, suppression system, and more, all customized to your specific needs.

Inspection and Maintenance

Just as important as having professional installation is regular inspection and maintenance of your fire system. Fire protection services in Vancouver employ industry professionals to carefully examine all components of your fire safety equipment to ensure that the entire system is in perfect working order – there isn’t much sense in investing in a fire safety system and then neglecting the maintenance, that would be like buying a car and never having your oil changed; eventually it will breakdown.

During an inspection of your system, fire protection services will test your alarm panel, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and backup batteries. They will visually examine and test your sprinkler or fire suppression system, checking pressure, pipes, valves and drainage. All fire extinguishers will be inspected for damage and correct pressure, and lighting will be observed to ensure continued functionality.

A comprehensive fire safety system is not a luxury item, it is something every building, whether commercial or residential, should employ in order to ensure the highest level of safety for both building users and protection of your investment. Helping to minimize the potential damage caused in the event of a fire, a fire system is something no one should go without.