June 28, 2012

Vigilant Fire Alarm Systems and Control Panels – Top Life Safety Equipment Manufacturer

Vigilant is an industry leader, and a top choice for fire alarm systems. Their line of fire alarm control panels includes addressable fire detection for small buildings, intelligent fire detection for conventional systems and control panels for medium and large buildings.

Currently, there are many fire alarm systems with outstanding control panels, but today we want to talk about three of the Vigilant fire alarm control panels. Vigilant/Edwards has been a leader in fire protection equipment for generations. Their products are always at the forefront, embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and reliability. They have a range of products that fit many applications – including yours!

We would like to introduce the top Vigilant fire alarm panels:

Control Panels for Addressable, Intelligent Fire Detection – Vigilant V Series for Small Buildings

Traditionally, small buildings have been served by conventional fire alarm panels that lack diagnostic precision. Until now. According to Vigilant, the Vigilant V Series is “geared expressly for smaller applications that used to be the exclusive domain of conventional systems.” The V Series is intuitive, adaptable and priced competitively. Features of the system include:

  • Ethernet port allows for remote diagnostics and programming
  • Supports up to 500 peripheral devices
  • Programmable or default settings for alarm sequencing
  • Automatic drift compensation means that the system tunes detectors for specific environmental conditions, avoiding false alarms
  • State-of-the-art detector testing allows for quick annual inspections
  • Can be easily retrofitted in most buildings that previously housed conventional systems
  • Signal Booster to prolong battery duration

Smart, cost-effective and sleek, the V Series brings sophistication to smaller operations.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel – Vigilant FireShield™Plus

When used with Edwards smoke detectors, the FireShield™Plus takes on intelligent capabilities.

Vigilant’s FireShield™ Plus works best in small buildings when the budget is the determining factor for fire panel installation. Although conventional, when combined with Edwards 500 series smoke detectors, it can identify detectors that falls out of their sensitivity range giving it intelligent capabilities.

There are three, five and ten zone models available, depending on the size of the building. Features include:

  • DACT/Dialer integrated into the system
  • Serial Annunciator Modules
  • Serial Remote Relay Modules
  • 4 bell circuits

If you’re looking to retrofit a conventional system and cost is an issue, the FireShield™ is ideal.

Fire Alarm Systems for Mid and Large Sized Buildings – Vigilant Versatile VM Series

If you are looking for a flexible system for mid to large buildings, Vigilant’s Versatile VM Series is our recommendation. This Vigilant fire alarm system application can “handle jobs that range from a single stand-alone control panel to a sophisticated network comprising as many as 8 control panels processing data from 4000 devices.” It’s intuitive, sleek and adaptable.

Features of the system include:

  • Internet-enabled microprocessors
  • Proprietary Voltage Boost technology which allows for uninterrupted voltage
  • Fibre optic communications
  • Variety of Option Cards for flexibility
  • Signal Booster to prolong battery duration
  • Audio & Speaker System
  • Firefighter Phone

No matter what size a building you own or manage, Vigilant has a fire alarm control panel for you.

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