May 18, 2012

Slave Lake Fire 1 Year Later Residents Scared – Fire Prevention Plan

Last year there was a wild fire that broke out at Slave Lake in Alberta.  The fire destroyed 40% of the town and residents are still scared.  CBC News reported that many residents’ lives have been effected due to loss of homes, businesses, jobs and emotional stress.

Fire Fighters Conducting Controlled Burn to Prevent Another Fire in Slave Lake

Fire fighters are being assisted via helicopter as part of a fire prevention plan.  They are conducting a controlled “prescribed” burn which is a very carefully monitored procedure so as to prevent another disaster from happening to the Slave Lake community.  There is a team of 88 fire fighters and 14 helicopters ready to step in should another fire break out.  Aerial patrols are also being conducted every 2 hours so as to prevent another fire.

For more information on the fire prevention plan, live coverage and Tweets from residents view the CBC News website.

Do You Have  Fire Prevention Plan for Summer?

The best way to fight a fire is to prevent it. Active Fire and Safety Services is ready to help.

What we can learn from this incident is that fire is fast, furious and doesn’t care who or what is in its path. Summer is approaching and it is imperative that business owners, property owners and building managers make sure they are equipped with a fire prevention plan.  If you need help contact us at Active Fire for a free quote.  We will assess your building, it’s hazards and provide you with a fire safety plan, equipment and a safe evacuation procedure.  Call 604-590-0149.