September 23, 2019

Protect Your Property From Fire with Fire Protection Services

Being in charge of a building is an immense responsibility. Residential buildings, office buildings, and commercial building all come with their own set of challenges that need to be met successfully to ensure your good reputation as a trusted landlord or building owner. The challenges can range from the cosmetic, such as a new coat of paint, to precautionary, such as installing or updating the building’s fire protection system. Safety from fire should be high on the list of priorities for any landlord or building owner, regardless of the kind of building they are in charge of. Knowing a company that offers the best fire protection services is key. Fire protection services in Vancouver is not one size fits all. It needs to be a tailored system for your building’s specific needs.

Residential Building: You are responsible for the safety of people’s homes if you manage a residential building. So, make sure the fire protection services put in place will ensure that the tenants can sleep peacefully, knowing they are protected. A working fire alarm is essential. It is also important in a residential building that every floor comes equipped with visible fire safety maps and clearly marked fire exits. The sprinkler system should be ready for when the worst happens, but should not go off until a fire is detected. This will ensure minimal property damage in the case of a false alarm.

Office building: This building is where people earn their living. They need to know that not only will they be safe, but that their livelihood is protected too. Offices have plenty of electrical equipment, and whatever system you put in place has to be equipped to deal with that. Depending on the city’s bylaws, there will also be a certain number of fire extinguishers needed,according to the size of the building. Clearly marked exits and emergency lights should also be installed if they are not there already. These buildings can be bigger than residential buildings and smoke damage can be more of a problem. Some office buildings can benefit from a good smoke control system.

Commercial building: Like office buildings these are people’s livelihood. They are also places where customers will frequent. This means that your fire protection services should be concerned with workers and the public. If it is a place that prepares and sells food, then smoke control systems and special fire suppression systems will need to be installed. As water will not be of any use in a grease fire, chemical based suppression systems and well placed fire extinguishers will be key to your success.

If you think you might not be providing the best fire protection services in Vancouver, then you might want someone to come in and inspect your building. Having a professional come and point out to you where you can make improvements will be a great first step in upgrading your fire protection systems. Active Fire will be able to spot your weaknesses and then recommend what steps to take to rectify the problem.