May 30, 2012

How a Well Designed Emergency Lighting System Saves Lives

It’s important to have adequate emergency lighting in commercial and office buildings, industrial buildings, and apartment and condo complexes.

In times of panic, people often forget the most mundane things. Like how to get out of the office building they’ve been working in for years or the apartment complex they’ve lived in since forever.

That’s why it’s important to have emergency lights placed strategically throughout your building. During a power outage emergency lights, along with exit signs, help occupants find their way out in a timely and calm manner.

Power Outages – Fires, Storms, or an Overloaded Electrical Grid

Emergency lights, either incandescent or LED, run on backup batteries and kick in when a building’s main power source goes out. Power outages occur during lightning storms, during a fire, if the electrical grid is overloaded, or any number of other reasons.

Emergency lights are placed along corridors, indicating a clear pathway for evacuation, at stairwells and at exit points. They’re also installed at fire control panels, emergency points or fire pull stations where they function as emergency task lights.

Maintained, Non-Maintained or Sustained – What Type of Emergency Light Suits Your Needs?

There are different types of emergency lights available. Non-maintained, which only come on if the power fails; maintained which are always on but switch to battery-powered during a power failure; and sustained, which have two lamps – one which is normally powered via the building’s electricity and one which illuminates via battery power in an emergency.

Sound confusing? At AFS we can help come up with an emergency lighting design that suits your building and helps protect its occupants.

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Emergency lights are beacons. They both show the way and kickstart muddled brains into emergency mode. They facilitate an orderly evacuation. Along with practiced fire drills and fire evacuation plans, they can curb panic, save lives and cut down on serious injuries. If you want to prevent a mad dash to the exits, or a slug-fest in the stairwell, make sure your building has the optimal amount of emergency lights.

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