June 13, 2012

How a Fire Escape & Evacuation Plan Can Save Lives, Reduce Panic

Every public building should have a fire escape plan in place in case of an emergency.

When was the last time you participated in a fire drill or a fire evacuation plan? High School? If so, it’s probably time that your office or apartment building instituted a fire safety and evacuation plan. If you’re a strata or property manager, or simply a concerned occupant, take it upon yourself to make sure that a fire escape floor plan is available so that all occupants in your building know exactly where to go and what to do should a fire or other catastrophe strike!

Fire Safety Management Plan – Why a Professional Plan is Important

A fire safety and evacuation plan is more than just a basic floorplan. At Active Fire, our professional plan includes a detailed building map with clearly marked egress routes, meeting points and the location of important fire-related infrastructure. It takes into account all fire regulations and is sent to your local fire department for approval!

Fire Escape Route Plan – What’s Included?

A sample floor plan will have individual apartment units or workstations clearly indicated with both primary and secondary exit routes highlighted. Secondary routes are extremely important should a primary route be obstructed or impassable due to smoke or fire.

Public spaces such as washrooms, amenity rooms, lunchrooms and conference rooms will also show exit routes.

The plan will also indicate a designated meeting point. It’s crucial that everyone gather at a pre-determined place once they exit the building so that an accurate head count can be completed.

Fire Safety and Fire Escape Signage

In addition to providing occupants with a fire escape route, our safety plan will also show the location and function of a variety of other fire-related signage and equipment including:

Call Active Fire for a complete Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan

Knowledge is power. Make sure your building’s occupants are fire savvy with a complete fire and safety evacuation plan. Contact Active Fire today via our form to the left or call 604-590-0149 and find out how we can create a fire safety plan for your home, office or business.