May 16, 2012

Heat Fire Detectors – Early Fire Detection for Life Safety

Heat Fire Detectors – Early Fire Detection for Life Safety

Types of heat detection include thermal, infrared and linear heat.

A heat detector, whether fixed-temperature or rate-of-rise, or linear, is an excellent device for early fire warning. A heat detector is a highly effective component of a fully-comprehensive fire alarm system. We carry a number of excellent devices, each with their own inherent advantages. It may be confusing to know if you should install a heat detector vs smoke detector so let us explain how fire detectors and smoke detectors work.

How Heat Fire Detectors (and Smoke Detectors) Work

Find out how a heat detector completes a circuit and how it signals a fire.

Heat detectors are activated when their heat sensors exceed a specific temperature or temperature range. Smoke detectors, simply put, detect the smoke that is created by heat.

Fixed-temperature heat detectors are most common. When ambient heat in a room exceeds a specific temperature — usually 47°C; the solid sensor within the unit converts to a liquid, triggering alarm activation. Fixed temperature heat detectors work well in rooms where temperatures fluctuate, such as boiler and utility rooms.

Rate-of-rise heat detectors are based on a slightly different technology. There are two sensors in the unit, one measures heat transferred and the other measures ambient heat. The alarm is triggered when the first sensor’s temperature increases relative to the second. We highly recommend these units in installations that cover a large area, or remain at a constant temperature.

Combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature devices also exist, maximizing early fire detection.

Linear systems are a little more specialized. They’re basically lengths of heat-sensitive cable connected to the central fire alarm system. They work well in hard-to-access places, such as in ceilings, or in very close proximity to fire hazards.

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