August 14, 2019

Get the Best Fire Alarm System for your Business

Having a good fire alarm system is an essential part of any business. It protects your business, your employees, and your customers, so getting the best one for your business is an important decision. There are several different systems to choose from and choosing the right one is a priority for any successful business.

A conventional fire alarm system is also known as a four-wire fire alarm system and is most commonly used in smaller buildings. This type of system is a cost-effective option for small shops and other small businesses. With this type of system, the building is separated into different detection zones, with each zone featuring their own fire detectors connected to the control panel.

Another option that smaller businesses often consider are two-wire systems. The difference between a two-wire system and a conventional or four-wire system is the wiring of the detectors. In the two-wire fire alarm system, everything is wired to the same control panel, slowing one circuit to be used in each zone. This type of system is usually more expensive than the conventional four-wire system, but is quicker and easier to install with more versatility.

Larger businesses may need more complex systems to meet their needs and often use analogue-addressable systems which direct you to a specific detector versus a general zone. The detectors each have their own unique address, making it easier to know exactly where the alarm is happening.

Wireless fire alarm systems are a very convenient option for larger businesses. While they may be more costly, they offer greater flexibility. If there are issues with wiring in your building, a wireless system is a great option. These systems are also very accurate, strong and reliable.

If you’re a business in Vancouver, look for an authorized Mircom Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD). An experienced installer can help you determine what fire alarm systems in Vancouver will work best for your business. In addition to providing system installation, they should also offer maintenance, inspections and testing.

A well-designed, effective fire alarm system saves lives and minimizes fire-related property damage. Fire alarm systems in Vancouver are essential for all businesses and should adhere to the BC Fire Code.

Investing in a fire alarm system can help prevent a destructive fire, but isn’t the only step you should take to protect your business. Make sure you have fire extinguishers available on site and take the time to ensure your employees know how to properly use them.

Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and automatic sprinkler systems all work together as part of a fire alarm system that will help protect your business from the devastating destruction fire can bring.