November 29, 2019

Get a Fire Sprinkler System in Burnaby

If you own or manage a building, you need a fire sprinkler system in Burnaby. It is that simple. Fire safety is not something to mess around with in these coming months. A fire can happen at anytime and it is your responsibility as a building owner to make sure that if tragedy strikes, you can protect your tenants and their belonging. You want to be known as a responsible building owner or building manager. A great way to make sure everyone sees you are responsible is by installing a fire sprinkler system in Burnaby. However, not all fire sprinkler systems are the same. You must make sure you get the right fire sprinkler system for your building. The kind of system you get depends on the building you have, or are managing.

If you have a restaurant in the building you manage or if the building you own houses volatile chemicals, you are going to need a sprinkler system that is not dependent on water. You are going to want to look into having a chemical sprinkler or dry sprinkler system installed. Water is the last thing you want to spray all over a grease fire in a kitchen and that can also apply to some of the chemicals that you might be storing in your building.

If the building you own or manage is a residential building, then a water-based fire sprinkler system can work just fine, but again, make sure you get the right one. You want to make sure that the sprinkler system works when you need it, but you don’t want it to go off at the slightest signal of something being wrong. It will be terrible to have soaked everyone’s possessions and furniture in water just because one person’s oven made a lot of smoke while being used to cook a meal. There are sprinkler systems that have water ready to be released at the first sign of trouble and there are systems that only send water to the pipes once real danger has been detected. If you are not sure what kind of sprinkler system you need, it may be a good idea to call in someone to help you decide.

A professional will be able to have a look at your building. Between what they see and what you tell them, the fire safety expert can recommend and even install the right sprinkler system for your building. They can even be called upon to do inspections from time to time to make sure your system is working fine. Active Fire is a great place to call if you think your fire sprinkler system in Burnaby needs replacing.