August 31, 2019

Get a Fire Alarm System in Vancouver

Is your fire alarm system up to code? Do you need to replace your fire alarm system? These are important questions you need to ask yourself on a regular basis if you own or are in charge of a large building. This is especially important if the building you are in charge of is a place where people work or live. Not all fire alarm systems are the same and you need to make sure the one you install is the right one for your needs. With that in mind, let’s look at some fire alarm systems in Vancouver. It might make all the difference to the safety of your tenants.

Small Buildings, such as three-level, multi family apartment buildings can get all the protection they need from a conventional fire alarm system. These systems will go off if smoke or heat reaches the sensors that have been placed all around the building, making sure everyone has enough time to evacuate the premises. The big concern here will be making sure that the source of the fire is found, as well as ensuring everyone is safe. Make sure to also take property into consideration when installing a system. You will want to try to save as many belongings as you can, so fire suppression should also be considered. Your tenants will thank you.

Bigger buildings, such as shopping centers or high rises will need a much more intricate fire alarm system. This is where an addressable system can come in very handy. These buildings are packed with people and can have millions of dollars worth of merchandise or equipment. This is why it is crucial that the fire alarm system you install can detect exactly where the fire is, so that emergency workers will waste no time getting to the problem. If you are in charge of such a shopping complex or high rise, check your system. Are you sure it will work as well as you need it to work when the worst happens?

The goal with a fire alarm system in Vancouver is to alert everyone that there is a possible problem. Along with an alarm system, you will probably also need a smoke control system and fire suppression system to make your place of business as safe as possible. Do you need a system that will go off as soon as there is any sign of trouble, or do you need a system that will go off only when there is no doubt of trouble. These are serious questions that need immediate answers. If you have these questions, you should speak to a company like Active Fire and Safety Services. They have highly-skilled technicians and a large variety of systems on offer that are sure to meet your fire safety needs.