April 10, 2020

CFAA – COVID-19 Bulletin

Canadian Fire Alarm Association Recommendations Regarding COVID-19 Protocols for Testing & Inspection of Fire Alarm Systems in Buildings

To: Canadian Fire Alarm Association Members & Registered Technicians

CFAA’s mission is to “maximize the effectiveness and use of fire alarm systems in the protection of life and property in Canada.”
This bulletin is intended to help you to continue our mission and vision as we go forward under the constraints put on us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CFAA and many government agencies consider the inspection and testing as well as repair work provided by our members to be an “essential” service when buildings are either empty or fully occupied. These are both conditions that cause buildings to be operated outside their normal design and operating parameters.

We feel it is important to continue to provide our essential services without delay where fire alarm testing and inspections can be conducted safely, while also ensuring complete adherence to provincial and municipal directions regarding COVID-19.

Please read the complete CFAA COVID-19 bulletin for our recommendations.