May 16, 2012

Best Fire Protection and Sprinkler Company Vancouver

Top Fire Technicians & Sprinkler Fitters for Construction Companies and General Contractors

Outsource us as your Fire Protection Agency. Our fire technicians and sprinkler fitters perform design, installation, testing, maintenance, replacement and repair to all fire and sprinkler systems as per the BC Building Code and BC Fire Code.

At Active Fire, we’ve been providing sprinkler and fire alarm installations since 1995, growing from a small operation to one that now employs almost 100 people, and is considered one of the best fire protection companies and sprinkler installers in the Lower Mainland.

We’ve built a reputation as dedicated, professional and thorough fire prevention and protection specialists. We realize that as a fire protection service we provide the first line of defence against a fire event, and we take that seriously; both our management and each and every one of our fire technicians.

Steps that a Fire Alarm Technician and Sprinkler Fitter Take to Get Buildings Up To Code

Our fire technicians are certified per ASTT BC, having completed various levels in their specialities to earn their designations, and our sprinkler fitters are ticketed journeymen. All our technicians, journeyman and project managers are thoroughly knowledgeable with regard to the BC Building and BC Fire Codes.

Checklist for Hiring a Fire Protection and Prevention Company

As a project manager, contractor or developer you’re only as good as your sub-contractor’s work. A poorly installed fire alarm or sprinkler system can not only increase structural and property damage, but can also result in the loss of lives in the event of a fire.

Here’s some things you might want to keep in mind when you’re about to hire a fire protection and fire prevention company:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What’s their reputation?
  • What’s their safety record like and do they stand behind their installations?
  • Do they go the extra mile, coming up with innovative solutions for complex buildings or unique operations?
  • Are they staying abreast of code modifications that could come down the pipe mid-project?
  • Are they keeping up to date with newer fire detection technologies?
  • What’s their follow-up like?

A well-designed, executed and maintained fire prevention and protection system is one of the most crucial elements in any building. Not only will it ensure safety and security for occupants, but it will help keep property damage to a minimum should a fire event occur.

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