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  • Vigilant Fire Alarm Systems and Control Panels – Top Life Safety Equipment Manufacturer

    June 28, 2012 Vigilant is an industry leader, and a top choice for fire alarm systems. Their line of fire alarm control panels includes addressable fire detection for small buildings, intelligent fire detection for conventional systems and control panels for medium and large buildings. Currently, there are many fire alarm systems with outstanding control panels, but today we want ...
  • How a Well Designed Emergency Lighting System Saves Lives

    May 30, 2012 It’s important to have adequate emergency lighting in commercial and office buildings, industrial buildings, and apartment and condo complexes. In times of panic, people often forget the most mundane things. Like how to get out of the office building they’ve been working in for years or the apartment complex they’ve lived in since forever. That’s why it’s ...
  • Annual Sprinkler System Winterization Service – No Pipe Freezing

    May 29, 2012 Have a Certified Sprinkler Fitter perform a fire sprinkler system inspection and winterizing service (to keep your pipes from freezing) each year to ensure optimal fire protection. If you’re a property manager who oversees parkades, unheated warehouses or freezer units you should be aware of the importance of annual winterization services for your dry sprinkler system. Dry ...

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