Apartment and Office Building Fire Prevention

Cooking tips for Property Managers to pass onto cccupants.

When we think of fire prevention, cooking a meal comes to mind as it is the leading cause of apartment and office fires. Property Managers need to be aware of a few key elements in order to keep apartment or building occupants safe.

How to Prevent Kitchen Fires in Apartments and Office Buildings

Did you know that grease fires are one of the main causes of kitchen fires in Canada? Grease, once ignited, bursts into flames and spreads faster through an apartment or office building faster than you can imagine. These areas are particularly disastrous due to the high density of occupants and the close proximity of suites. The kitchen is the most hazardous room and it is important to know how to act fast if a fire starts.

Fire Safety Checklist for Cooking

Here are some cooking safety tips for fire prevention to read over and remember so that apartment and office building occupants will always be prepared should any incident occur.

  • Roll up your sleeves or wear tight sleeves when cooking
  • Never leave the stove unattended (even for a minute)
  • If your pan lights on fire turn the stove off, put a lid on it and use a fire extinguisher or baking soda to suppress the fire. If there is a grease fire, do not use water, this will turn the fire into an explosion and spread the fire to the counter, floor, wall or even you!
  • Do not put metal in the microwave – check food packaging to make sure all foils are removed
  • Keep flammables like kitchen towels and food packaging away from the burner
  • Cook with your fan on

If your smoke detector goes off, calmly turn the burner off and slide the pan to a new burner (at a lower temperature) if there is no fire. If there is a fire refer to point 3 in this list

Contact Us for More Information About Fire Prevention and Cooking Tips

Be sure to have enough fire safety equipment and keep it regularly maintained.  These are only a few of many fire prevention tips when it comes to cooking at home or in an office space. If a fire gets out of control call 911 immediately. Calmly evacuate the building after you pull the fire alarm.  The best way to treat a fire is to prevent it. Make sure your apartment or office building has up to date fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire alarms (pull stations and a control panel), an emergency lighting system (equipped with emergency exit signs). Call us at 604-590-0149 for all of your fire prevention needs. We proudly serve Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond and surrounding areas.

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